Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Oh My !!!


This is how I feel at the end of each day, tired of trying to keep up all of my presence in different social media platforms.

Started out on Facebook with Elliot’s latest status update (barking at me, mostly), sent out a picture of Elliot (barking at me) on Instagram, then tweeted about Elliot’s #barking on Twitter.  To finish it off, I wrote a blog about it while Elliot still wouldn’t stop barking at me.

#Babyjesus, I am exhausted and there are still many social media platforms that I haven’t even touched.

One take away from my Digital Marketing class, #dgm22, is to know your audience (or peers) and then create your social media platform around them.  I am not in my 20s so I am going to skip Snapchat for the time being.  I am slowly trying to master the art of photographing, so I will try Vine later when I am more confident about making a six seconds looping video.

Anyway, I need to update my LinkedIn now and write a post on Elliot’s superb expertise at barking.

Image 1

PS – do not let this sweet face fool you, he loves to bark … #woof

New Trend: Meet Cousin Ed


High fashion aims to inspire and taking us to a world of creativities, imaginations and fantasies.

However, living in a fast paced city like New York, we walk in dirty pavements in this concrete jungle.  It’s hard to balance fantasies with reality in NYC.

Do you remember the Crocs?  Crocs shoes aren’t aesthetically pleasant, but they serve a purpose. They are functional, comfortable and indestructible (Crocs lasts forever!)  Unless you want to sweep streets while looking fabulous,  I don’t think these shoes have any functionality to offer.

My cute little yorkie, Elliot, wasn’t amused with this latest offer from Gucci.  I hope this trend will take off and making money for the company.  The shoe with fur trims looked like Cousin Ed, a long lost relative from Elliot’s family .. Woof …


Sipping Emotion

This delicious drink is a signature cocktail from Obao, one of my favorite restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.


Obao infuses its own vodka and using it as one of the key ingredients to create this drink.  On a warm summer day, this slightly sweet drink with a twist will definitely chill and calm you down.

If you ever visit Obao, please give Sipping Emotion a try, and let me know what you think.

Cheerios, my friends.


Ode to Elliot


Image 2




This adorable being makes me smile everyday.   His name is Elliot.  Even though Elliot is small (he gained one pound recently), but he has a huge personality!

Elliot loves to play fetch, barking at neighbor’s dog and eating sliced carrots for desert.


We love Elliot to pieces and are grateful having him as part of our family.  XOXO

Fifty Shades of Grey


Sorry to disappoint everyone, this blog entry is not about the sultry, uninhibited sexual explorations from the book with the same title, I am talking about hair color.

My hair turned grey in my thirties.  I have salt and pepper hair (like the dude in this picture) and always dyed them back to black trying to look youthful and fresh.  After I moved to NYC, I gradually stopped dying my hair black (well, the truth was that I couldn’t find a NYC stylist dying my hair) so I wore my hair in this grey color loud and proud.

I have received many compliments about my salt and pepper hair so it is comforting knowing that I made the right choice keeping my natural color hues.  It is also interesting to know that hair product companies also manufacturing “grey” dye so guys can look like a hot silver fox.  Even the ladies from Hollywood are sporting this trend looking regal and sophisticated.

I think it is time to embrace individuality included sporting grey hair.  Having grey hair doesn’t mean I am old; I am simply mature and have more life experience.  Plus, Elliot, my adorable yorkie, also looks amazing in a few shades of grey. Woof …


Image 2