Fifty Shades of Grey


Sorry to disappoint everyone, this blog entry is not about the sultry, uninhibited sexual explorations from the book with the same title, I am talking about hair color.

My hair turned grey in my thirties.  I have salt and pepper hair (like the dude in this picture) and always dyed them back to black trying to look youthful and fresh.  After I moved to NYC, I gradually stopped dying my hair black (well, the truth was that I couldn’t find a NYC stylist dying my hair) so I wore my hair in this grey color loud and proud.

I have received many compliments about my salt and pepper hair so it is comforting knowing that I made the right choice keeping my natural color hues.  It is also interesting to know that hair product companies also manufacturing “grey” dye so guys can look like a hot silver fox.  Even the ladies from Hollywood are sporting this trend looking regal and sophisticated.

I think it is time to embrace individuality included sporting grey hair.  Having grey hair doesn’t mean I am old; I am simply mature and have more life experience.  Plus, Elliot, my adorable yorkie, also looks amazing in a few shades of grey. Woof …


Image 2

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