Carrie Never Lived Here Before

"Carrie's" front steps
“Carrie’s” front steps

Over some weekends ago, my dear friend, who is a native New Yorker, mentioned something very interesting about this city and his comment resonated with me after rounds of dirty martini.

“We (the New Yorkers) should all blame Sex and the City for painting a glamorous picture of New York City to the outside world,” lamented my friend as he shared his thoughts while sipping his dirty martini.

My friend has a valid point, and trust me, I am a huge fan of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda (with the exception of Sex and the City II, the movie, which was a hot mess), our real life in NYC is nothing remotely like the one showed in Sex and the City.

First, the cost of living is ridiculously expensive in NYC.  My rent was over $2000 dollars for a small walk-up studio two years ago and it barely had enough space for all of my shoes.  Plus trying to socialize with friends at bars every weekend, drinks alone will drive you to declare bankruptcy every time before paydays.

NYC: 1, Wang and the City:  0

Secondly, winter has been harsh two years in a row.  Trying to look adorable in this harsh outside condition is not easy.  I had at least five layers of clothing on me during this winter because it was in the teens at one point.  For New Yorkers, it is function over fashion and don’t even think about wearing your Manolos in the snow.

NYC:  2, Wang and the City:  0

NYC Winter 15
NYC Winter 15

Thirdly, New Yorkers are always in a hurry trying to get from destination A to B.  Subways are typically packed and busy.  During the summer, subway smells like trash and feels like a hot sauna.  Not everyone in the city can afford town car or Uber services like the Real Housewives of New York.

New York:  3, Wang and the City:  0

If you are young, carefree and looking for adventures like the cast from The Girls, living in New York City without expectations can be fun.  Ultimately, it is up to you to create your own New York experience.

For me, I have stopped drinking cosmopolitan at bars a long time ago.  At this moment, I prefer drinking at home, with a glass of dry dirty martini, the dirtier, the better.

New York:  3, Wang and the City:  1

View from Upper West Side
View from Upper West Side

2 thoughts on “Carrie Never Lived Here Before”

  1. I’ve always wondered about that Manolos-in-the-snow thing! 😉 I live in a cold city and while I would love to dress like that, there’s no way! I would just freeze my a** off! So I’m happy to hear you confirming my suspicions! It was all staged! :O


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