Behind That Hairy Thick Beard

Thick, bearded ...
Thick, bearded …

Some guys can carry off facial hair effortlessly.  Like Joe Manganiello from True Blood, Idris Elba, Hugh Jackman (in his Wolverine get up), they looked masculine and sexy with the right length of facial hair.

I  give respects for guys who have the patience growing their bear long and thick.  To keep it hygienic, I am sure they must wash and groom it everyday to avoid surprises like goos, left over food stuck in the beard, or unidentifiable objects hidden (it was rumored that it might be dripped with fecal  matters) in the thickness of their hair.

I also wonder if guys or girls like to kiss their partner having thick long beard like this. Does it tickle (maybe some of them enjoy being tickled)? Do you get a mouthful of hair when you kiss?  I am so intrigued and wanted to know more.

But most importantly, what are you hiding behind this masculine hairy get up?  If you have a cleft chin,  embrace it because it is sexy.  If you have a wart, okay, I get it.  If you look like this guy in this picture, is it because you want our society to take you more manly by wearing unruly long hairy beard?

Knowing myself, I will probably braid your beard and create a macrame out of it.

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