Blogging 101 – Assignment 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors

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The Bliss Magnet

I’m 3 days into this Blogging 101 course with WordPress. The third assignment is to find 5 new blogs to follow and add 5 tags to my WordPress reader. Finding new blogs to follow has been easy; my super cool course mates from all over the world are posting some great content and suggesting other awesome blogs to follow.

I’m still getting the hang of tags, but I found some to follow:
blogging101– everyone in the course is tagging their blogs with this, so it’s a great way to see what people are posting

And here are my new friends in my head (Oops, I mean… bloggers that I’ve started following for this assignment):
Mollytopia – WordPress suggested that I follow her. It was a great suggestion.
Javon Monet – Her blog is called “Thus Spoke a Lipstick Lesbian.” Her blog was getting followed based on…

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