What Happens in Vegas, I am going to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and Blog About It

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip

Something funny happened to me when I was in Vegas this past week.

A group of us decided to check out different places in the Strip, so we were hopping from one bar to another bar, doing back to back shots and, most importantly, getting drunk.

Towards the end of the night, I decided to hit the slot machine and tried to lose myself in this sensory overload environment.

Out of blue, this cute girl sat next to me at the slot machine and started chatting.

I was fixated with the slot machine so didn’t pay much attention to this girl until she said, ” … do you like to have some company tonight.”

I looked at her in dismay but politely said, ” .. hmmm, no.”

She then asked me if I preferred guys over girls.  I was like, yes.

She then proceeded and gave me a back-handed comment, ” … no wonder, you dressed and looked differently compared to other guys.”

Whoa, a working professional tried to solicit business from me.  At the same time, she also threw me shades because I happened to be a fantastic dresser who likes guys.

I ran to my friends and told them what just happened.  I was laughing hysterically because I wasn’t sure if I was flattered by her comment about being a good dresser or felt insulted that she indirectly called me a fag.

Well, what happens in Vegas, I am going to Facebook, Instagram, Tweed and Blog about it.

Statue of David at Cesar's Palace
Statue of David at Cesar’s Palace

PS:  I got so drunk, I took a video of this fish tank inside a Cesar’s Palace restaurant because it looked so cute.


2 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas, I am going to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and Blog About It”

  1. Ok, I’m laughing so hard because I use to live in Vegas and when I read the title. I said to myself “I hope he didn’t get scammed by a young “hot” professional lady of the night. And when I read that’s exactly what happened except the rude/cute/slightly funny compliment she gave you just made this post even better. Have fun stay safe and I’m glad I don’t have to say “stay away from the ladies of the night. ROFL

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