Airport Love

I so agree with this … There is something alluring about airports. I had the chance and traveled to many airports from LAX, Vancouver, Calgary, Shanghai to NYC (all three airports) from my past works. Enjoy this beautifully written blog post by #travelmagnolia

travel magnolia

airport, logan, airplanes Sunrise at Logan Airport (BOS)

There’s something about airports that intoxicates me.  The lure of faraway destinations yet to be explored and the promise of adventures to come.  Not all airports or terminals are created equal and some are definitely in need of a makeover or total redo.  I was sad to see the demolition of the  iconic flying saucer that was Pan Am’s Worldport. I spent many an hour in that terminal waiting for my parents to return from a trip overseas or my Venezuelan cousins to arrive for the summer.  Of course, in those days, people dressed up to travel and the planes were actually comfortable.  I even dreamed of being a stewardess which I saw as a glamorous profession. Nowadays, not so much.

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