Strike A Pose, Vogue, Vogue

Growing up listening to Madonna, I am a huge fan and have her first album, Madonna, to the most recent one, Rebel Heart. Madonna is known for her upbeat and pop dance songs. However, she also produced many mellow mid-tempos and gorgeous ballads through out her extensive music career (13 studio albums and many global concerts to date).  Madonna is definitely prolific and relevant at times when it comes to music.

I am not a music critic, however, I love songs with gorgeous sounds, beautifully written lyrics and haunting melodies.  So I put together a list of my personal Madonna favorites through out the years for you to enjoy.  These songs weren’t as popular as her hits like “Like A Virgin”, but they were nicely crafted by her, in my opinion.  So have fun, and let me know what you think about this play list.

1.  Fever:  from her “Erotica” album.  This re-make from Peggy Lee’s classic was created into a club song with a disco twist. She only performed it during her “Girlie Show” tour in the mid-90s.  It was fun and upbeat.

2.  What It Feels Like For A Girl:  from her “Music” album.  The original “girl power” song produced by her.  It sounded soft and lofty but with a feminist point of view.

3.  Drown World/Substitute for Love:  from her “Ray of Light” album.  I didn’t really understand this “electronic” inspired title when I first listened to it.  I was expecting vintage Madonna when this album initially launched. However, like a glass of wine, the hook of this song haunted me.  I couldn’t stop listening to it, it was melancholy.

4.  Nothing Fails:  from her “American Life” album.  I really considered this as my wedding song at one point of my life.  I adored the simple message and beautiful melody.  Still one of my favorites from Madonna.

5.  X-Static Process:  from her “American Life” album.  Like “Drown World/Substitute for Love”, the melody of this song resonated with me through out the years.  It sounded sad but in a beautiful way.  I especially love the message in the lyrics towards the end of the song.

6.  Erotica:  from her “Confession Tour” album.  I didn’t really care for the original version of this song when it was released from “Erotica”.  However, in this version, she infused it with another classic song, “You Thrill Me”, making it sexier and irresistible.

7.  Miles Away:  from her “Hard Candy” album.  This song is dedicated to a love one who’s miles away.  Sweet and sincere.

8.  Voices:  from her “Hard Candy” album.  It had a hard edge to it, with Justin Timberlake singing in the background.  It was catchy and resonated with me for a long time.

9.  Love Spent:  from her “MDNA” album.  The song was bitter sweet.  It was basically about a lover’s scorn (to Madonna’s ex).

10.  Vogue (2008):  from her “Sweet and Sticky” tour album.  This woman knows how to re-invent her self consistently and it is a great example of her updating a classic and making it relevant again.  “4 Minutes” kicked off the song in the beginning and the rest of it was flawless.

11.  Boarderline:  from her “Sweet and Sticky” tour album released in 2010.  Again, like Vogue, she updated this classic with a hard core sound packed with guitar riffs.  Hello, how can you not love this rendition.

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