Hello Shanghai ^_^

I was in Shanghai ten years ago. I was truly entertained by its culture, architectures, mood, people and food. These pictures captured here by @twindays, reminded me how stunning, fascinating, original and fast paced city that Shanghai has been. Thank you @twindays for posting and sharing.



Shanghai, what a metro pool!

After a few days in lovely Beijing we went to Shanghai with a bullet train. It took about 5 hours to get there. A long the way you can enjoy the amazing landscape, but the most thing that you will get to see are lots of constructions, building new apartments(high flats)/village/complex. You can buy tickets at the train station but it’s better to book it online. They have different classes/train types, so make sure to choose the one you prefer .

Shanghai the largest Chinese city by population of more than 24 million. So you can already guess, this city will never bore you. It offers so many exciting sightseeing, there is always something to see and do. Numerous lovely parks and gardens, and many fine old temples and traditional pagodas.

These are our favorite atractions:

Shanghai’s Promenade :The Bund

Also called the Zhongshan…

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2 thoughts on “Hello Shanghai ^_^”

  1. Hi Charles, Thanks for re-blogging! We really appreciate it 😀 Everything about Shanghai is beautiful, we cant wait to go back either hihi. You have a great blog! XoXo


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