Brilliant Disguise

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brilliant Disguise.”

Me and the Girls
Me and the Girls

Worked in the fashion industry, I had many opportunities teamed up with models from different cities during my back to back trunk show days for different designers.

A successful model needs to wear the samples elegantly and able to evoke emotions from others when modeling the clothes.  So models should be photographed well and beautifully portioned in height and weight in person.

These ladys’ presence and appearances can be intimidating to people because they have created an illusion of perfection that is unapproachable.  It was scary initially working with these professionals because they belonged in their own league with other stunning creatures.  However, behind their “brilliant disguise”, these ladies are just like you and I; they are someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s sister and someone’s daughter.

One of my dear friend, Casandra, in addition to her accolade as Ms. Maryland USA, she is a motivation speaker, a brilliant business woman, a loving wife and mother.  Casandra is warm in person, and most importantly, sweet and personable to work with.  We are extremely excited for Casandra, she is expecting her second child soon.


I love my buddy, Yun.  She is stunning and extremely funny! Yun has a sick body because she is a huge yogi.  Besides modeling, Yun is a mother of two adoring children.  I am grateful having Yun as my “honorary” wife and a great friend.

Yun and I
Yun and I

These ladies may fool you with their “brilliant disguise”, but behind their facade, they are simply beautiful beings.

Another secret behind their “brilliant disguise” is that they LOVE TO EAT!!

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