Charley – Right To Brag (Blogging 101 Prompt)

This post truly resonated and touched me.

Cancer sucks and I hate to see couple close friends of mine going through this evasive process from diagnose, treatment, and recovery.

Cancer also teaches me about humanity.  It teaches me not to take anything for granted, and most importantly, celebrating life with love ones.

Please enjoy this inspiring story from Claremary about Charley.

Around ZuZu's Barn

My husband Charley was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer eight years ago. It came as a complete surprise. He was healthy, we thought. He had no symptoms.

We’d only been married seven years and our lives were filled with adjusting to the every day demands that come with a mid-life marriage, not the least of which, for me, were: stepchildren in college; stepchildren moving into apartments; stepchildren getting married; stepchildren buying houses; ex-wife manipulating stepchildren; stepchildren playing mommy-daddy games. Ah, for better or worse. Marital bliss! You get the picture. Never having been married before and living on my own for so long, the whole domestic experience was a bit overwhelming for me. But we moved along through it all and then one day, after a routine check-up, Charley was sent for a biopsy. We went  to discuss the results and a doctor came into the room, introduced himself and…

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One thought on “Charley – Right To Brag (Blogging 101 Prompt)”

  1. Charles, we’ve discussed our feelings about those who are going through what Charley has and is experiencing. We both know that it isn’t in our power to cure them or take away their pain. All we can do is be there for them, give them strength, hold their hand, show them love. You and I are kindred spirits. (and I really do love your name) Thank you so much for sharing this post with your followers. Charley and I are truly grateful. Clare


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