Most Stylish San Franciscan II .. According to Moi

When I lived in San Francisco, every month I featured a most stylish San Franciscan from the industry and we chatted about trends, beauty, life style, and fun stuff about San Francisco.


Rudy has been a long time great friend of mine and works at an established luxury department store in the city.  Here is our shenanigans about style icons, fashion dos and don’ts and more:


Describe your style:  Dandy and eclectic


Fashion icons:  Jackie O, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Gloria Guinness

A fashion piece/item that you can’t live with out:  My Hermes scarf

Fashion dos:  Do put effort into what you wear everyday and own it

Fashion don’ts:  Don’t think wearing less clothing makes you look sexier

Your biggest fashion faux pus:  A green pleather safari style jacket with a belt

Your must-haves:  A good fitted dark denim jean, one gray blazer, cashmere sweater, a good pair of RayBan sunglasses

Your signature look:  Vintage leather loafers

Beauty products that you can’t live without:  Kiehls daily facial wash and honey almond scrub, La Mier moisturizer cream and Jo Malone fragrance

Keep it or Lose it:

Pleated pant – lose it

Aviator sunglasses – keep it

Flip Flops – lose it

Speedo trunks – keep it

Thong – lose it

Crocs – lose it


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