I Don’t Need To Hear Your Business, Especially In the Bathroom …

I have an addiction, I simply can’t live without my mobile phone.  My phone helps me organizing my life from day break to dawn.  Without it, I will twitch and shake uncontrollably like an addict.  I admit it, I need my phone just like I need my two cups of coffee first thing in the morning.

However, I think there should be unwritten phone etiquette imposed in our society for people who can’t stop talking in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and especially in the public restrooms.

It grosses me out when I hear people talking on the phone in the bathroom stall.  You can hear other patrons flushing toilets, passing gastric sounds, and pissing sounds splashed against the urinal.  I definitely don’t want to hear any of these noises if I am at the receiver end of this phone conversation.  It is simply gross and rude.

It is bad that we have to endure people talking incessantly in the movie theater or on a flight, but now public bathroom?  It is also sad that the conversation between these people usually isn’t urgent.  It is typically about, “… what did you have for lunch? (okay, is it really necessary talking about food when you are doing a number two)”, “… yeah, I can’t believe Lakers lost the game (sheesh, any one will lose the game after they smell your funk)”, and “… what are you doing later?  (hmmm, I am definitely not going to shake your hand that’s for sure)”.

At the end of the day, I really don’t need to know about your personal business so please keep the conversation to yourself and have some courtesy to other people surrounding you.  Hang up your phone and focus!!  This isn’t the time or place for you to multi-tasking.  Now, where is my phone?

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