Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

China:  Through the Looking Glass
China: Through the Looking Glass

In response to Sylvain Landry’s Week Three’s photo assignment, Kezako, here’s my interpretation for this particular theme’s challenge.

This gigantic set up was part of the Met, China: Through the Looking Glass, exhibition.  When I initially walked into this room, the imagery from the first original Superman movie popped up in my mind, the scene where Superman’s parents sent baby Superman away in  a rocket before the planet blew up.

However, when I peeked through the clear vinyl sticks, there were mannequins sporadically set up in Chinese inspired wardrobes.  This particular outfit was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier reflected from his own Chinese cultural influence and interpretation.

Immediately, this elaborative set reminded me of a fighting scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, where the main characters were fighting and floating from one bamboo to another bamboo tree.

If you live or are visiting New York City, please check out this gorgeous and stunning exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, it is truly worth your visit.

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