Most Stylish San Franciscan According to Moi, Part Trois

Since it is #TBT, I want to re-blog this post from four years ago and introducing you one of my good friends, Gordan, from my monthly segment, The Most Stylish San Franciscan.


Besides having a distinguished personal style, Gordan is also an amazing cook who has a blog, I’m Not A Cook, sharing his delicious recipes from fried chicken wings to simple hard boiled eggs dish (yes, I followed this particular recipe since boiling hot water was one of my cooking specialties).

I sat down with Mr. G recently and chatted topics ranged from his signature look, fashion faux pas to his own philosophy about styling.


Describe your personal style:  I suppose you could call me a Modern Minimalist;  generally understated, sometimes preppy, occasionally retro, and at times off-beat.  But always clean and conscious.

Fashion icons:  I admire the styling of Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Bjork.

Fashion piece/item that you can’t live without:  A good wallet, My choice is the Comme des Garcons half – zip Classic Embossed B.

Fashion dos:  Wearing the correct size, being age appropriate, ironing out wrinkles and taking well executed risks.

Fashion dont’s:  poor hygiene, bad shoes.

Your biggest fashion faux pas:  I’ve donned a few outlandish things (bright green overalls, a giant tartan sweater …) but have no regrets; I made the conscious decision to wear them.

Your five must haves:

1.  A clean supply of white v-neck undershirts

2.  Cashmere (sweaters and scarves)

3.  A nice jacket

4.  A good pair of leather shoes

5.  Jeans (simple finish and with a flattering fit)

Beauty product(s) that you can’t live without:  Daily moisturizer with SPF, face wash, tooth brush/tooth paste/floss, a nail clipper, Chapstick and Hair pomade

Your signature look:  I guess it would be a white v-neck tee shirt, tucked, belted, and with the sleeves rolled up.  I wear that the most.

Final thoughts:  To be trendy and fashionable is to be popular.  To be stylish, to be unique, is to be different.  Sometimes that means being alone.

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