Beep Beep


Here’s my interpretation for Sylvain Landry‘s Week 6 Photo Challenge, “Moto”.

We occasionally see some motorcycles or scooters zooming in and out the city.  However, riding a Citi Bike or bicycle seems to be the norm and choice of urban “moto” for many cyclists in New York City.

I spotted this vintage bicycle in front of my favorite neighborhood wine and beer bar, Pocket Bar.  The bike is parked next to the bar more like a prop than an actual vehicle for cycling. It has a vibrant flower basket set up in the front to compliment the colorful bike.

In an urban jungle like New York City, it is refreshing and fun to see something whimsical like this on the sidewalk.  Plus,  it is always fun stopping by Pocket Bar and have a “Sharknado” drink with the fabulous owner, Suzy, during a hot summer night.

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