it’s Margarita weather!

How can’t you not love this delicious recipe? Thank you Lula for sharing this wonderful treat!

Lula Harp

The last few summers here in Oregon have been woefully inadequate.  I’m from a sun loving state, so I need a couple good months of sun to replenish my vitamin D.  This summer has been exactly what I needed!  We’ve had a marathon run of cool mornings that turn into gloriously hot afternoons.  I’ve been in heaven.

Oregon is a state controlled liquor state, which means you cannot buy booze at the grocery store.  The tasting room at the distillery is technically a tiny liquor store.  We can only sells the products we make.  Since we are not a bar, we can serve “mini” cocktails that have no more than 1/2 ounce of spirit in up to 2 ounces of mixer.  The OLCC has us on a pretty short, but manageable leash.

What says summer better than a Margarita?!  We don’t make a tequilla, but one thing I love in…

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