Sweet Lady Liberty

NYC Night View
NYC Night View

This is my inspiration and response to Sylvain Landry Weekly Photo Challenge, Night.

NYC has many wonderful boat rides around the river during hot summer nights as a fantastic way to cool down and  a great venue to see iconic sites like the Statue of Liberty.  I never had the opportunity visiting this famous lady when I visited NYC or after I moved here till now.  She looked peaceful, beautiful and elegant.  She looked absolutely magnificent against this pitch dark sky.

Statue Of Liberty
Statue Of Liberty

It felt peaceful during this boat ride.  The air smelt salty but the breeze felt lovely.  It was black around us but the skylight against New York City was stunning, and the Statue of Liberty projected dignity with strength protecting all of us against this darkness.   For the first time in a long time, I was able to enjoy and treasured my very own private NYC moment in this pitch black.

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