A Sweet Day

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

In a Mesh gallery, show us what makes you happy. Share your ideal day, recount a memorable day in the past, or share your favorite things.

Central Park
Central Park

I enjoyed this challenge so much that I wanted to share another one with you.  Besides, everyday should be a “good day”, right?

We were able to embrace the nature and ventured to Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park’s famous area for picnic, people watching, and more.  We got to hang out with my classmates from Digital Marketing class and it was great catching up with everyone during this outing.

Most importantly, Elliot got the opportunity to enjoy this fun day with us and our friends were eager to meet this adorable being.

Elliot, my sweet Elliot!
Elliot, my sweet Elliot!

Elliot had a great time licking my classmates, sniffed scents around the blanket, listened to our shenanigans, and tried to steal a piece of salami from the plate.

My Sweet Elliot
My Sweet Elliot

It was moment like this, in the concrete jungle, hanging out with your love ones and friends, looking at Elliot’s sweet face, making it a “Good Day.”

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