Rising For A Cause

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

This week, show us how two (or more) things — people, objects, places — come together.

Yogathon 2015, Calgary, Canada
Yogathon 2015, Calgary, Canada

I volunteer for this wonderful organization, Art of Living, and manage its social media campaign this year for our annual fund raising event, Yogathon.

This event happened late August and 46 cities around the world from Sydney, Oslo, Toronto, Washington DC, to Vancouver  participated simultaneously for a great cause.  Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for this origination, Care for Children, and helps it developing school system in India and other under developed countries.

This powerful image was taken from downtown Calgary by a volunteer.  This beautiful imaged conveyed the message about “rising for a cause” and “connected” people all over the world to achieve a common goal together.  I had to share this message on social media to show how these tireless participants were united together for a cause.

If you are interested to know about this event, please check out Yogathon for more details.

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