My Home Country: Past and Present

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

This week, show us a change in progress. This can be done in one or multiple photos — we’ll let you decide!

Beijing: Old architecture and building
Beijing: Old traditional architecture and building
Traditional Chinese Town in Beijing
Traditional Chinese Town in Beijing

I visited Beijing last week and was overwhelmed by its culture, lifestyle, food and people.  It was great seeing my home country, and most importantly, it was interesting to witness how China has evolved from a traditional place to a modern country.

With its rapid growth, China has become a strong economic power globally and changed the face of its capital with tall condo buildings, commercialism and mass infrastructures as a way to modernize this country.  With recent development, many old traditional Chinese housings were torn down in order for builders to create new and tall buildings.

Newer Chinese Complex
Newer Chinese Complex

Luckily, I visited an old town in the west part of Beijing and abled to see many traditional Chinese architectures in the midst of  this huge transition.  It was humbling to see the history before my eyes and very thankful that China tried to preserve some of its heritage through this massive evolution.

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