Travel Tips | Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This is a great tip if you are a frequent traveller (especially if you travel overseas). Thank you Maggie, aka,Travel Magnolia.

travel magnolia

IMG_5659_0286 What’s Wrong with This Picture?

In a perfect world, all electronics would use a universal adaptor/cord (the EU is moving in this direction with the mandatory cellphone charger standard). In reality, as I survey the pile of cords for the things I can’t leave home without, I am overwhelmed.  Of course, this trip is a bit unusual in that I will be spending much of it in places where I might not easily find replacements, so there are some redundancies. Nonetheless, if I were in charge (pun intended), there would be one all purpose cord, the US would go metric and there would be peace on earth. Just saying.

A quick (virtual) trip to Flight001 solved my organizational dilemmas.  Luckily, I always pack at least 48 hours ahead, so I have time for those last minute purchases.  A shout out to my friend and fellow photographer Sue is warranted, as I waited…

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