Ode to Baby Ben


In response to daily prompt’s The Luckiest People:

Who was the first person you encounter today?   Write about him or her.

I am the luckiest person waking up to this adorable image, my dear nephew, Baby Benjamin, and knowing that he is getting stronger, better everyday in his young life.

Baby Benjamin finally gets to go home with his parents after two months staying in the hospital.  We are grateful for our miracle baby, who arrived two and half months early, abled to come home and celebrate the holiday season with his family.  I am extremely lucky to be his uncle, and proud of his parents for being there for Benjamin through out this process.

I hope that I will learn from you and your young energy starting today.  I love your fighting spirit to be stronger everyday, I adore your cute face for putting a smile on my face everyday, and I look forward to watching you evolve into a happy kid everyday.


For this holiday season, I am grateful and lucky to have Baby Benjamin in our lives.

No Negativities Here

After tragedies happened from Paris to Beirut, many cities stand together in solidarity and refuse to be intimidated by terrorists and their horrific act disrupting peace around the world.

One perfect examples is this powerful image from Sydney tweeted by Mashable.  The iconic Opera House is decorated with blue, white and red lights as a symbol showing respect to Paris and its citizens after the tragedy.

I find this tweet uplifting, hopeful, and extremely dignified during this time of the year.  We live in a society that’s constantly bombarded with disheartening news from politics, religion, to social injustice and these negative messages spread quickly in the social media world.   Because of this, I prefer to write my blog, tweet and post my Facebook updates with positive, fun, truthful and light hearted messages.  This will be my pledge to stop any negativity here.

A Letter To Benjamin

Baby Benjamin, My Dear Nephew 

My Dear Benjamin:

I am so happy that you are finally home safely with your Mommy and Daddy this week.

It was so nice seeing you last week.  I cried immediately when I saw your chubby cheeks, your handsome face, your adorable little hands, and most importantly, your fighting spirit to be strong and healthy.  It was a magical moment when I hold you in my arms and watched you sleeping gently through out the whole process.  I didn’t even mind when you farted twice while I was holding you, because I love you so much and only want the best for you.

My dear Benjamin, I can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday with you, listen you uttering your first word, and watch you taking your first step in the playground.  I can’t wait to see how strong you will be and how smart you will become.

As my pledge to you, I will do my best to provide a safe, peaceful and loving environment for you in this world.  I will spoil you rotten with encouragements, positivities, respect and love.  You are a miracle to us, and I want to do better for you so you will have a great life in the future.

For the time being, my dear Benjamin, please get some rest and stay healthy.  I will talk and see you very soon.

With all my love, your adoring uncle, Charles

Bear, Bear and Bear, Oh My

In response to weekly photo challenge, Trio.

What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme.


This trio of bears was set up in front of Marc by Marc Jacobs shop located at Provincetown, Massachusetts.  This coastal sea town is popular among tourists during summer time. With its charming local artist scene, beautiful beach along the coast, and fantastic architectures, Provincetown is definitely the go-to place for a summer get away.

With its The blue, red and white bears set up in front the store, this “trio” of bears further reflects Provincetown’s spirit; it is about Americana, artsy, whimsical, charming and fun.

This Magnificent Site

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing

This post is inspired from Sylvain Landry’s weekly photo challenge, Monuments.

“Often photography monuments are favorite subjects … They do not move, are massive, as they say imposes and seems to be the guarantee of a good photo … So we photographers, obviously we throw over . This week so I suggest you do the monuments the theme of this SL-WEEK 19 … Anything is possible as long as the scene is recognized as a historic site, this will be the only constraint. So I propose the Chantilly castle near Paris in France” … Sylvan Landry

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing

I recently visited Beijing, China and was in awe with its rich history, colorful culture, and magnificent architectures.

I finally had the opportunity checking out Tiananmen Square, one of the most famous monument in China, for a brief visit. Since it was Chinese Independence weekend, I couldn’t get out the car and be closer to the site for a detailed visit.  Plus the weather was overcast with pollution, it was difficult to admire Tiananmen Square without a clear sight.

However, I could still feel the energy permeated in the air with crowds of people paying homage to this monument during its holiday time.  Despite not being close to the building, I was glad that I was there to soak up this grande image from afar with respect.



Computer on Desk
Computer on Desk

I truly wish that my office is set up directly in front of this beautiful beach.  However, it is not.

What I actually look at everyday in my office
What my view actually look at everyday in my office

I work from home so I look out directly to these endless buildings on a daily basis (see the image above) and trying to get things done.  I tried to work at coffee shop before like other hipsters, but I ended up people watching and wasn’t able to get any project done.

When I blog, I also prefer to do this at the comfort of my cozy home office, where I can listen to music of my choice, sipping coffee and fetching toy with Elliot in between paragraphs or head out for a walk with Elliot if I am having writer’s block.

My Sweet Elliot
My Sweet Elliot

In fact, I just created this post while playing with Elliot (that’s Elliot in the picture above), having TV playing on the background, and listened to raindrops in a cold New York City night.  Life is good.

Lost In History

Besides reading #MondayMotivation quotes from the Twitter-sphere, I also review useful tweets like “how to” tips and ideas from social media experts, checking out different advertising campaigns from companies, observing current trends from different fashionistas and simply laughing at funny shenanigans tweeted from ordinary peoples on my daily Twitter feed.

I also love looking at beautiful images such as this one from @SadHappyAmazing about the past, “Lost In History”, and reminded me about the beauty of history.

In this newly colorized photograph, you can see the same architectures still exist today in East Village with the same energy permeated in the air.    This image inspires me and made me truly appreciate what New York City has to offer, before Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest’s existence.

If you like, please follow @SadHappyAmazing on Twitter and check out its archive of beautiful pictures about the past.

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Extra Ornate and Extra Ordinary

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly extravagant.

In the recent Metropolitan Museum special exhibition, China: Through the Looking Glass, the curator of this show inspires us with stunning couture creations in gowns, dresses, shoes and accessories made from the most ornate, exquisite and extraordinary materials.

This special head piece was created by Alexander McQueen for one of his extravagant collection reflected from an ancient Chinese painting with traditional architecture illustration.  As you can see, the headpiece was carved out from wood with minute and accurate details from Chinese houses, trees and white cranes for this stunning piece.

To me, this creation is truly about being ornate and extra ordinary.

Alexander McQueen Head Piece
Alexander McQueen Head Piece
Alexander McQueen Headpiece
Alexander McQueen Head Piece 
Alexander McQueen Head Piece
Alexander McQueen Head Piece

Ode To New York City: My Second Home

Grand Central Station

A Story In A Single Image:  Writing 101 Day 4 Assignment

The energy permeated from Grand Central Station is intoxicating in many levels.  Walking through this iconic site, you can’t help it but feel in awe with this grand historical architect.

For tourists, it is about discovering a sense of history and architecture when they visit Grand Central Station for the first time.  For the locals, it is about getting through the day in this busy New York City transportation hub year round.

To me, this image about Grand Central Station evokes my ode to New York City.  To me, this picture represents a rich history about the city, the intricate architectural construction of this building, the importance of infrastructure created for the city, and mundane routine for many New Yorkers as a way of living.

If you ever visit New York City, take the time, check out Grand Central Station and soak up the energy from this vibrant building.

It Is All About Hope


This post is inspired from Writing 101, Day 3 Writing Assignment, One-Word Inspiration.

Our instructor gives us a list of six words and she wants us to pick one word from it that speaks to us the most.  Here are the choices from the assignment:

Hope, Regret, Home, Choice, Abundance and Secret

The word, “HOPE,”  resonates with me the most from this list because it gives us the power to aspire, to dream, and to create something positive in the future.

Hope can be small or grand.  Hope can be personal or shared among with people.  Hope can be the driving force for a better tomorrow, hope can keep us alive and thirsty for it more.

Without hope, I would be stuck in my old town and feeling miserable about my future.  Without hope, I would not have the courage to switch my profession this year and starting my career anew.  Without hope, my life journey would be dark and dull.

So let’s cheer for HOPE.