The New Geeky Chic: My List About Digital Marketing

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I decided to switch my career path from luxury retail to digital marketing early this year as a way to expand my professional skills.  This learning journey has been hard, difficult and challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding and gratifying experience for me.

Before this year, I never thought that I would use WordPress and created my own website or believed in myself and launched an e-commerce site with Shopifty.  But I did.

My Mac Book
My Mac Book

Because of this experience, I have replaced words like silk matelasse, doubled-face cashmere, scuba fabrics to terminologies like impressions, demographics, and re-targeting. Most importantly, I am applying digital marketing theories into practice for couple projects and abled to produce results for the time being.  So for this Writing 101 assignment, I have created this list and liked to share with you what I have learned about “Digital Marketing”:

  1. Social Media Marketing:  You can actually measure outcomes from Facebook updates to Twitter tweets and see if your marketing campaign is successful, say what!
  2. Google Analytics:  I never thought analyzing number or stats is the new geeky chic.
  3. Google AdWords:  Again, I never thought analyzing numbers or stats is the new geeky chic.
  4. InBound Marketing:  With the right E-Mail format, it is a powerful tool to clientele and bring you sales if you do it right.
  5. Content Creation:  Without an informative content, it is hard to have users finding your site useful and drive traffic.
  6. SEO:  If you don’t want to pay Google for ads, you better have the right landing page, key words and contents to rank high during organic search.
  7. KPIs:  I trade in words like “Sales to Stock Ratio”, “Sell Through” with “Conversion”, “Click Through Rate” and “Cost Per Click” to sound more geeky.
  8. Re-Targeting (or Re-Marketing):  We aren’t stalking you in the digital space.  We just know when and how to sneak in to get your attentions.  We just want to remind you about what we have to say, again.
  9. Growth Hacking:  Growth Hacking is actually a good type of hacking, I promise.
  10. Lead Generation:  If you really like what I have created, please leave me with your e-mail address so you will receive more in the future.

Apps, Digital, Oh My

So what do you think about this list so far?  I do believe Digital Marketing is the new Geeky Chic.

6 thoughts on “The New Geeky Chic: My List About Digital Marketing”

    1. Hello Marjorie, I will try my best to explain it here for you. InBound Marketing is an elevated way marketing to customers via e-mail campaign. The content is key here for inbound marketing. It should be useful, information and entertaining. The customers may no purchase or click or download anything in the beginning, it may take several steps to convert them through this process. Hopefully this helps.


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