It Is All About Hope


This post is inspired from Writing 101, Day 3 Writing Assignment, One-Word Inspiration.

Our instructor gives us a list of six words and she wants us to pick one word from it that speaks to us the most.  Here are the choices from the assignment:

Hope, Regret, Home, Choice, Abundance and Secret

The word, “HOPE,”  resonates with me the most from this list because it gives us the power to aspire, to dream, and to create something positive in the future.

Hope can be small or grand.  Hope can be personal or shared among with people.  Hope can be the driving force for a better tomorrow, hope can keep us alive and thirsty for it more.

Without hope, I would be stuck in my old town and feeling miserable about my future.  Without hope, I would not have the courage to switch my profession this year and starting my career anew.  Without hope, my life journey would be dark and dull.

So let’s cheer for HOPE.

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