Ode To New York City: My Second Home

Grand Central Station

A Story In A Single Image:  Writing 101 Day 4 Assignment

The energy permeated from Grand Central Station is intoxicating in many levels.  Walking through this iconic site, you can’t help it but feel in awe with this grand historical architect.

For tourists, it is about discovering a sense of history and architecture when they visit Grand Central Station for the first time.  For the locals, it is about getting through the day in this busy New York City transportation hub year round.

To me, this image about Grand Central Station evokes my ode to New York City.  To me, this picture represents a rich history about the city, the intricate architectural construction of this building, the importance of infrastructure created for the city, and mundane routine for many New Yorkers as a way of living.

If you ever visit New York City, take the time, check out Grand Central Station and soak up the energy from this vibrant building.

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