Lost In History

Besides reading #MondayMotivation quotes from the Twitter-sphere, I also review useful tweets like “how to” tips and ideas from social media experts, checking out different advertising campaigns from companies, observing current trends from different fashionistas and simply laughing at funny shenanigans tweeted from ordinary peoples on my daily Twitter feed.

I also love looking at beautiful images such as this one from @SadHappyAmazing about the past, “Lost In History”, and reminded me about the beauty of history.

In this newly colorized photograph, you can see the same architectures still exist today in East Village with the same energy permeated in the air.    This image inspires me and made me truly appreciate what New York City has to offer, before Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest’s existence.

If you like, please follow @SadHappyAmazing on Twitter and check out its archive of beautiful pictures about the past.

PS:  You can also follow me @cw19577 on Twitter for useful social media tips, #MondayMotivation quotes, or funny quotes.

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