Computer on Desk
Computer on Desk

I truly wish that my office is set up directly in front of this beautiful beach.  However, it is not.

What I actually look at everyday in my office
What my view actually look at everyday in my office

I work from home so I look out directly to these endless buildings on a daily basis (see the image above) and trying to get things done.  I tried to work at coffee shop before like other hipsters, but I ended up people watching and wasn’t able to get any project done.

When I blog, I also prefer to do this at the comfort of my cozy home office, where I can listen to music of my choice, sipping coffee and fetching toy with Elliot in between paragraphs or head out for a walk with Elliot if I am having writer’s block.

My Sweet Elliot
My Sweet Elliot

In fact, I just created this post while playing with Elliot (that’s Elliot in the picture above), having TV playing on the background, and listened to raindrops in a cold New York City night.  Life is good.

2 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation”

  1. One of my relatives works from home and seems like he lives the dream! Always playing with his energetic retriever, Cooper, and casually making his own food in the comfort of his own kitchen and still be working! Working from home does make life good haha.


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