This Magnificent Site

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing

This post is inspired from Sylvain Landry’s weekly photo challenge, Monuments.

“Often photography monuments are favorite subjects … They do not move, are massive, as they say imposes and seems to be the guarantee of a good photo … So we photographers, obviously we throw over . This week so I suggest you do the monuments the theme of this SL-WEEK 19 … Anything is possible as long as the scene is recognized as a historic site, this will be the only constraint. So I propose the Chantilly castle near Paris in France” … Sylvan Landry

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing

I recently visited Beijing, China and was in awe with its rich history, colorful culture, and magnificent architectures.

I finally had the opportunity checking out Tiananmen Square, one of the most famous monument in China, for a brief visit. Since it was Chinese Independence weekend, I couldn’t get out the car and be closer to the site for a detailed visit.  Plus the weather was overcast with pollution, it was difficult to admire Tiananmen Square without a clear sight.

However, I could still feel the energy permeated in the air with crowds of people paying homage to this monument during its holiday time.  Despite not being close to the building, I was glad that I was there to soak up this grande image from afar with respect.

3 thoughts on “This Magnificent Site”

  1. Awesome photos! Ive always wanted to travel around the globe and visit monuments like such. Its also awesome that you got to experience the festivities surrounding that monument during a holiday. Keep it up. Blogging 101 unite.


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