I Am Older and I Have More Insurance

Young At Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?


Remember this scene from the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” where the “young” driver cuts off Kathy Bates’ character, Evelyn Couch, in the parking lot and proceeds to park in the space that Evelyn has been waiting for?  To avenge this rude behavior, Evelyn bashes this person’s car and gives us this famous quote, “Face it girls, I am older and I have more insurance,” as a way to remind them that being old has its advantage and it shouldn’t have a “negative” connotation in our youth obsessed society.

Marketing Books

I always consider myself having a “young heart” through out my 20s and 30s.  However, I become more sensitive about getting old after I turned 40.  This year, I also decided to head back to a trade school and took up digital marketing as a way to jumpstart my second phase of career.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning tried to transition into something completely foreign to me, especially surrounded myself with a group of 20 somethings in the same class.

I eventually watched, observed and learned from them in the class.  Besides the age difference, I finally realized that everyone in this class all shared one common goal; we all wanted to improve ourselves professionally and continued to learn and evolve into something better.  Despite being the oldest student in this group of millennials, I actually learned new ways of studying, analyzing, and thinking.

In the end, my age wasn’t a liability trying to start a second phase of my profession, instead, my extensive life and professional experiences made me more confident about making this choice at this age.

If you are passionate about life, yearning to learn something new everyday, and am not afraid of changes, then you are “young at heart”.

Apps, Digital, Oh My

A Sleepy Baby and His Faithful Companion


My adorable nephew, Benjamin, and his faithful dog, Mozart
My adorable nephew, Benjamin, and his faithful dog, Mozart

Photo Challenge, Now

Sometimes, we get caught up in nostalgia, future fantasy, or both, and we don’t embrace the “now.” For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it.

I love this picture of my newborn nephew, Benjamin, and his faithful dog, Mozart, sharing a quiet nap together in a peaceful moment during the hectic holiday season.  We are truly blessed having Benjamin in our lives this year and appreciated every “now” moment with him, including watching him taking long sleeps, making sweet cooing sounds, and busting out loud cries when he’s hungry.

I am so grateful for this “now” moment with Benjamin and there will be more of this special time in the future with him, watching him grown into a healthy and happy young man.

Chasing Pavements

This post is about “Narrow”, Sylvan’s Landry’s Week 23 Photo Challenge.  

Narrow Street View from Beijing
Narrow Street View from Beijing

I had the opportunity of visiting Beijing in October and discovered the charm of this new old city in this old part of the town.

Narrow Street View from Beijing
Narrow Street View from Beijing

This classic part of the city still captures the charm of its old traditional architecture facade and looks in its building.  It is likely endured years of harsh weather elements, but still stand proudly in the midst of this fast growing city.

These streets are narrow and likely designed originally for horse carriages to pass through these stoned paved roads.  Is it functional for today’s transportation standards?  I am not 100% sure but am simply glad that this city decides to keep its history, its traditional feels and looks, and most importantly, its integrity.

Family Affair


My brother’s wedding and family gathering in Hawaii

This post is about weekly photo challenge, Gathering.  This assignment wants us to “document a gathering and share your interpretation with us”.

I come from a big family and have extended family members who are like siblings to me.  With our busy lives and geographic distance, it is often difficult to gather together on a whim and spending quality family time together.  So it is great seeing everyone in this special occasion, my brother’s wedding, and celebrate this event with all the family members.

My cousins, my brother and I all grew up together in the same town, went to the same junior high school and spent many holidays as one big family.  After high school and college, we all headed different directions and started our own career and family in different cities.  With this occasion, it was nice seeing everyone smiling, and catching up with each other’s live.

So I feel this picture is appropriate for this occasion and it is always great looking at a happy image captured through this special gathering.

I Love You, Dad


Elliot is my co-pilot in my daily routine from fetching toys to walking the park  together as ways to bond with each other as much as we can.  We both have a lot of fun with this photo challenge, Eye Spy, we decided to update another “eye” telling story from Elliot.  Here is guideline for this week’s photo challenge:

This week, take “eye” as your inspiration. This is a great opportunity to photograph people or pets, but remember — eye has lots of other potential meanings, too.

Elliot, the Wonder Dog

I adore his beautiful brown eyes and they are trying to tell, “Dad, I know you have a bad headache, so I will cuddle next to you to make you feel better.”

My handsome Elliot, the Wonder Dog 

My headache gradually went away by looking at this adorable being and thankful that he’s part of my life, day and night.  Woof!

Wanderlust about Washington DC

Are you a history buff? Do you love exploring different neighborhoods with their own distinctive architecture flavor? Or are you a foodie who loves to sample different cuisines in the city? Welcome to Washington DC, our U.S. capital that offers rich culture, history, and fun.

US Capital building, Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. Having traveled to DC for both leisure and work in the past, I love what this city has to offer when it comes to a diverse life. In Washington DC, fun bars and restaurants are spread out in different neighborhoods from local favorites JRs and Cobalt located in the historical gay neighborhood, DuPont Circle, to its newly developed blocks, Logan Circle, for a variety of nightlife, like the neighborhood bar Green Lantern to hip spot, Number Nine as couple of my favorite spots to visit when I am in town.

I typically stay at DuPont Circle Hotel for its location convenience or Westin Washington DC Center for an easy walk to Logan Circle. Either way, with its riders-friendly public transportation system placed in DC, it is easy to navigate from one neighborhood to many historical monuments and buildings – including the iconic ones that house the federal government’s 3 branches: the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court – but also its museums and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center.

To truly enjoy your Washington DC visit, try to schedule your trip here during spring or fall season for a mild climate experience.


Look Into My Eyes and Give Me a Treat

This week’s photo challenge, Eye Spy:

“This week, take “eye” as your inspiration. This is a great opportunity to photograph people or pets, but remember — eye has lots of other potential meanings, too”


Elliot, my pride and joy, is an adorable three pounds Yorkie. Elliot may be a teacup Yorkie, he barks without fears, runs around the house chasing after me with strong determination, and has a doberman’s huge personality to match.  

Elliot also has expressive eyes.  I melt every time when I see his almond shaped brown eyes trying to tell me something everyday.  Like in this picture, he is trying to tell me, “Dad, do you think I look cute with my new haircut?  If you do, go and get me a treat, because I deserve one.”

Of course, being a sucker for this adorable face and his expressive eyes, I can’t help it but give him a treat until he looks at me again with this animated look.

Wanderlust About Palm Springs

Do you ever have the urge to get away from the gloomy weather, away from the fast paced cityscape or take a break from a stressful working environment? The city of Palm Springs immediately pops up in my mind as my favorite go-to destination for a relaxing chilled and fun packed vacation.

Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs, California

Located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles and with over 300 days of sunshine, Palm Spring has become a popular tourist destination over the years with great outdoor activities like hiking around Joshua Tree National Park, celebrating its annual cultural events ranged from film festival to gay pride weekend, resting at beautiful and serene resorts for daily relaxation, and enjoying a thriving nightlife that well keep you entertained through out your trip.

There are many resorts and hotels to choose from, like my favorite, The Parker Palm Springs for a luxurious stay, to INNdulge resort for a relaxing visit. If you are a foodie like me, I highly recommend Las Cusuelas Terraz, for a delicious Mexican meal and an authentic local experience.

Hunter's Bar, Palm Springs, California
Hunter’s Bar, Palm Springs, California

Besides lounging around the pool and sipping cocktails during the day, Palm Springs has so much nightlife to offer and will keep you fully entertained. My personal favorite is Friday happy hour at Wang’s In the Desert, a Palm Springs institution where you mingle with locals and officially kick off the weekend at this local favorite joint. If you prefer high-energy spot, Hunter’s is the place to be for fun and people watch. Another must-see place on my list is Copa bar, where you can sip cocktails and enjoy live entertainment from well-known celebrities line-up.

If you enjoy exploring natural outdoor environment, lounging by the pool for relaxation, or drinking the night away with friends, I highly recommend Palm Springs as your next vacation spot for adventures, recreation and fun.