Family Affair


My brother’s wedding and family gathering in Hawaii

This post is about weekly photo challenge, Gathering.  This assignment wants us to “document a gathering and share your interpretation with us”.

I come from a big family and have extended family members who are like siblings to me.  With our busy lives and geographic distance, it is often difficult to gather together on a whim and spending quality family time together.  So it is great seeing everyone in this special occasion, my brother’s wedding, and celebrate this event with all the family members.

My cousins, my brother and I all grew up together in the same town, went to the same junior high school and spent many holidays as one big family.  After high school and college, we all headed different directions and started our own career and family in different cities.  With this occasion, it was nice seeing everyone smiling, and catching up with each other’s live.

So I feel this picture is appropriate for this occasion and it is always great looking at a happy image captured through this special gathering.

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