S.A.F.E Graffiti with Meaning
Graffiti with Meaning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

“Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.”

This picture is taken by my friend Diane, who lives in San Francisco for many years and a strong advocate for local arts and culture.

I think this graffiti with the letters “S.A.F.E” resonated with me so much because it gives me hope about our future.  Currently we are facing chaotic political challenges ranged from uncertain refugees issues, diverse religious point of views, to unnecessary attacks in different regions.  All of these negative activities have painted a bleak picture around the world.

But this graffiti sheds hope and reiterates the ideas that we can create a tolerant, understanding, hopeful and peaceful world.  It tells me if we follow these simple steps, we are working on a “S.A.F.E” space for ourselves and for our futures.

S:  Stand up for each other

A:  Appreciate differences

F:  Find common ground

E:  Exercise kindness and respect

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