Current Mood

View from Our Building
View from Our Building

Photo Challenge: Seasons

Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

This image was taken right after a mild snow storm that we had about a  month ago.  It was breathtaking seeing NYC streets under a white coat of snows.

However, winter in New York City this year has been intriguing. A week ago we had severe cold weather warning with temperature dropped below zero late one night.  Today, New York City was overcast in its mid-50s without sunlight.

Later this week the temperature fluctuates between 30’s and 40’s and my mood reflects to the unpredictable nature of this weather.  I feel gloom when it’s overcast and gray, I get excited when I see ray of light, and I simply want to hide when snows start to fall from the sky.

I can’t wait for spring’s arrival.  Hopefully my mood will be sunny and bright.

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