Lost in Taipei: Chapter 7

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Night of Festivities in Xinyi 

The Xinyi district of Taipei, a chic and thriving neighborhood, pulsated with energy as the night fell and was the location for this highly anticipated party, hosted for the top of Taipei’s fashion industry professionals. The event was held in a stylish, contemporary space adorned with glimmering lights and modern decor. The spacious dance floor beckoned guests to showcase their moves while the DJ spun infectious beats that reverberated through the room.

Charlie was the first to arrive at the industry party, stepping into the vibrant atmosphere with anticipation. As Charlie entered the venue, he was immediately taken by the crowd’s energy, the music’s rhythmic beats, and the dazzling lights that illuminated the space. Scattered throughout the venue, enticing aromas permeated the room from food stations, tempting partygoers with tantalizing bites and delectable treats. The culinary offerings, from traditional Taiwanese delicacies to international flavors, delighted even the most discerning palates.  

Charlie’s eyes scanned the crowd, taking in the sight of elegantly attired guests. The attendees exuded confidence as they mingled, their fashionable outfits reflecting their impeccable taste. Their effortless style and radiant smiles added to the lively ambiance of the party. It was a gathering of stunning individuals who carried themselves with poise and charm. Charlie couldn’t help but appreciate the fashion-forward atmosphere that enveloped the event and wondered if he belonged there. 

Standing in the corner of the room, Charlie observed the lively crowd, still feeling out of place as he didn’t know anyone, and his colleagues had yet arrived. He watched people mingle, engaged in animated conversations, and laughed wholeheartedly. Despite the spirited surrounding, Charlie couldn’t help but feel lonely in this social setting. 

Amid Charlie’s quiet observation of the room, he was approached by a charismatic stranger who had noticed Charlie from across the room. Peng, a tall rugged guy with boyish good looks, made his way through the crowd, his eyes drawn to Charlie.  Peng, radiating his natural charm, greeted Charlie with a warm smile. “Hi there, how are you?” Peng initiated the conversation, his voice filled with interest. “Are you enjoying the party?” 

Despite his confidence in delivering marketing presentations, Charlie often struggled in social settings especially meeting people at parties. He mustered a timid response, “Yes, I am.”

Peng, perceptive to Charlie’s American accent, introduced himself with a friendly smile, “Oh, you’re not a local, are you? I’m Peng, by the way. It’s nice to meet you.” “Hi, Peng. It’s nice to meet you too,” Charlie replied, “I’m Charlie.” 

“Where are you from, Charlie? Your Mandarin sounds foreign to me,” Peng asked curiously.

Charlie felt a tinge of self-consciousness about his language skills. “I’m visiting from New York City,” Charlie replied, keeping his response brief. “I’m here for work.” 

Peng’s curiosity continued as he asked another question. “Oh, so do you work in the fashion industry?” Peng wanted to learn more about this American visitor standing before him.  

Charlie chuckled softly at the question. “No, not exactly,” he replied. “I actually work in marketing, but being at this fashion industry party might give off a different impression.” He paused momentarily before adding, “What about you, Peng? Do you work in fashion?” 

“Guilty, I’m a fashion model,” winked Peng. Peng’s response ignited a surprise in Charlie’s expression.

“Ah, a model!” he exclaimed, unable to hide his curiosity. Yet, in the back of his mind, Charlie couldn’t help but question why someone like Peng would be interested in conversing with him. 

Peng chuckled at Charlie’s reaction, “Well, it’s not every day I get to chat with someone as interesting as you,” he flirted back playfully. “Besides, it’s always refreshing to connect with new people outside of the fashion bubble.” 

“So, what’s it like being a model? Any funny stories you can share?” Charlie tried to keep up with this conversation by asking this ridiculous question. 

Peng smiled at this unexpected question, “Oh, I’ve had my fair share of funny moments on the runway,” he began. “Once, during a fashion show, I tripped over my own shoelaces and stumbled right into the arms of a surprised front-row guest. It was quite the memorable catwalk mishap.” 

Charlie couldn’t help but laugh at the image. “That sounds like quite a scene. I guess even models have their share of clumsy moments.”  

“Actually, I was kidding. I am a professional. Even when I fall, I do it gracefully. Would you like to see me walk for you?” teased Peng. 

Caught off guard, Charlie couldn’t help but cough slightly, his cheeks flushing with a tinge of embarrassment. “Oh, gosh,” he stammered, trying to regain his composure. “Of course, you’re a professional and will never fall on the runway” He laughed nervously, hoping to brush off his gullibility. 

Peng’s deep voice resonated as he leaned in and delivered his unexpected remark. “You look absolutely adorable when you blush,” he said, his words filled with playfulness and sincerity. Charlie’s cheeks flushed even more, and he had no idea how to respond to Peng’s forwardness. 

Fortunately, Ming, Xing, and Wen made their long-awaited appearance at the party, their eyes immediately falling upon Charlie, standing beside Peng. With relief, Charlie was happy to see his colleagues, grateful for their timely arrival.  

Xing’s eyes lit up with surprise as he approached Charlie and Peng. “Ah, Charlie, so you’ve had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Peng,” he exclaimed with a playful smirk. “Small world, isn’t it?” Xing’s words hinted at intrigue, leaving Charlie curious about the connection between Peng and his colleagues. 

Ever the diplomat, Wen swiftly approached Charlie and gently pulled him aside from the conversation with Peng. “Charlie, I’d love to introduce you to some of our clients,” Wen said warmly. “Let’s go and say hi to them. They’ve been eager to meet you.” Recognizing Wen’s subtle move to redirect Charlie’s attention. “It was nice chatting with you, Peng,” Charlie nodded gratefully and followed Wen through the crowd, leaving Peng behind.  

As they walked away, Charlie couldn’t help but feel amused at the situation. He glanced back at Peng, who still wore a charming smile, and then turned his attention to Xing and Ming.  Xing’s laughter filled the air while Ming shook his head knowingly. 

“What was that all about?” Charlie asked, still trying to make sense of the encounter. Xing chuckled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “Oh, Peng is quite the player,” he replied with a knowing smile. “He’s always attracted to something shiny and new, so I would keep that in mind if I were you,” he added, giving Charlie a playful wink. 

As the group mingled and explored the party, Charlie began to feel a bit overwhelmed by the noisy atmosphere. Sensing the need for some quietness, he discreetly slipped out to the outdoor patio for fresh air.

Unbeknownst to Charlie, Peng had quietly followed him.  As Charlie took a deep breath and gazed up at the starlit sky, Peng approached him with a warm smile. “Mind if I join you?” Peng asked, his voice gentle. “The energy inside can sometimes be a bit overwhelming; don’t you think?” 

Charlie turned to find Peng standing beside him, surprised, “Yes, it can be overwhelming,” he replied, returning the smile. Peng grinned playfully. “You know, Charlie, you can’t just walk away without giving me your number,” he said teasingly, emphasizing the word “can’t.” 

Charlie stood there, momentarily dumbfounded by Peng’s directness. However, before he could gather his thoughts, Ming appeared unexpectedly, joining them at the patio just in the nick of time. 

“Charlie, how are you doing? Is everything okay with you?” Ming said, his voice filled with genuine care. Charlie’s face brightened as he appreciated Ming’s timely presence during this awkward exchange.

“I’m good, Ming,” Charlie replied, his voice carrying a mixture of relief and gratitude. The timing of Ming’s presence couldn’t have been more perfect, providing a much-needed break from this conversation with Peng.  

Seeing the concern in Ming’s eyes, Peng broke the tension with a playful remark. “Oh, Ming, don’t worry, I haven’t scared him away yet,” he teased, earning a chuckle from Charlie. Ming’s expression lightened as he realized the friendly banter. “I’m glad to hear that,” he replied. 

As they stood together, Peng sensed that Ming might want to talk privately with Charlie. With a knowing smile, Peng decided to give them some space and headed back to the party. “Okay, Charlie, don’t forget to give me your number before you leave,” Peng called out, his voice filled with playful charm. 

“Is everything alright, Charlie? You disappeared at the party, so I wanted to check in and make sure you are okay.”  

“Thank you, Ming,” Charlie said self-consciously, touched by Ming’s genuine concern, especially since they hardly knew each other. “I appreciate you looking out for me. I guess I needed some fresh air to clear my head.” 

Ming smiled warmly. “Of course, Charlie. Parties like this one can be immense sometimes.” Charlie nodded in agreement. “Absolutely. I feel like a stranger here. I don’t know anyone besides you, Xing, and Wen.”

Ming leaned against the railing; his gaze focused on the city lights. “You know, it’s okay to feel that way. Parties like these can be a lot, especially when you are new to this environment. Just remember to take it at your own pace and enjoy the moments that bring you joy.” 

Charlie was thankful by Ming’s sincerity. He felt seen and cared for the first time in a long while, without judgment or pretense. With a soft smile, Charlie replied, his voice filled with gratitude, “Thank you, Ming. It’s been a long time since someone checked in on me, besides Maya. You have no idea how much this means to me.” 

Ming’s curiosity was piqued as he inquired, “Who is Maya, your girlfriend?” Charlie’s smile widened, and a hint of nostalgia flickered in his eyes. “Maya is my best friend back home,” he explained. “We’ve known each other for years, and she’s always been there for me through thick and thin. We have this unbreakable bond, you know?”  Ming nodded, a hint of understanding gleaming in his eyes.

“It’s important to have a strong friendship. Friends like Maya are rare and invaluable.” Charlie nodded in agreement, his gaze turning wistful. “Yes, Maya has always been the one to check in on me, no matter the distance or circumstances. I’m grateful to have her in my life.” 

As they stood there, the gentle breeze of a summer night carrying their words into the night, Charlie felt comfort from someone he barely knew. Most importantly, he would try to take Ming’s advice and enjoy the moments that bring Charlie joy. 

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    I like this story—its various threads and woven texture! Will there be more? May I share it, if possible, with my readers?

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      Hi Jonathan, thank you so much for your kind words and yes, there are more chapters to come. If your audience is okay with the subject matter, I am grateful that you would want to share it with your readers. Thank you, Charles

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        Wonderful—THANK YOU!

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