I Tested These Survey Apps So You Don’t Have To

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With the thought of having some extra pocket money to reload my Starbucks gift card or deducting some dollars off on my upcoming Amazon purchases, I set out on a quest to learn ways of earning a few bucks quickly, and a recurring suggestion emerged—the world of online surveys. Unequivocally, every research I found echoed this sentiment, using online survey apps is a legitimate way to generate modest earnings during your free time.

Encouraged by this insight, I decided to try my personal odyssey of trial and experimentation, aiming to uncover survey apps that would seamlessly generate supplementary funds with minimal effort.

Many of these survey apps promised fast survey access, offering rewards in dollars or points upon completion. Moreover, many of these platforms also boasted in-app promotions, presenting discounts with major retailers for the enthusiastic shopper.

Having thoroughly tested and explored these survey apps since late last year, I will share my top survey app suggestions with the amounts of dollars earned and the rationale behind my recommendations:

Survey Junkie

I started with Survey Junkie, one of the most widely recognized survey platforms, in December 2022. I like its user-friendly interface beckoned, accompanied by an extensive array of surveys. For those pressed for time, you can partake in a daily 1-minute survey for points collection or select from their diverse high-paid surveys for expedited cash-outs. 


  • Survey variety spanning 5 to 20 minutes, catering to various preferences.
  • Seamless accessibility across devices, ensuring convenience.
  • Airtight privacy measures are guaranteed.
  • Beyond the conventional gift card rewards, the option to directly transfer earned funds to your bank account is available.

Important Notes:

  • Points accrual is contingent upon survey qualification.
  • A minimum accumulation of 500 points is required for withdrawal.

My Survey Junkie cash out as of July 2023 is $73. I only participate in its one-minute survey for the past three months to collect points and stay active on this site.

*Here is the link to join Survey Junkie and start your earnings.

Eureka Surveys

Eureka Surveys is another preferred app for swiftly collecting earnings through different surveys. Mirroring Survey Junkie’s approach, this platform boasts an assortment of surveys to select from. Whether opting for a five-minute survey for quick rewards or dedicating more time to higher-paying opportunities, the choice rests upon your availability and preferences.


  • Eureka Surveys intermittently provides bonus points, potentially boosting earnings by up to 25% upon survey completion.
  • Seamlessly navigable via mobile devices, ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Cashing out and directly transferring funds to your bank account adds convenience.

Important Notes:

  • Like other platforms, the accumulation of points relies on qualifying for surveys.
  • A minimum balance of $10 is essential before initiating withdrawals.

My Eureka Surveys cash out as of July 2023 is $53 and I started using this survey app since May 2023.

*Use my code 7LBPH3 on Eureka Surveys and unlock a short $1 survey just for signing up! Thank you.


Qmee is another survey site similar to Eureka Surveys. It boasts a wide range of surveys with many well-compensated ones for people who can spare the time to complete them. Whether seated at your desktop or on the go with your phone, Qmee allows you to conveniently partake in surveys.


  • Qmee introduces a series of daily polls and pop quizzes to add to your rewards.
  • Consistently engaging with Qmee gives you an additional 10% on your earned rewards, acting as a motivational incentive.
  • Qmee’s collaboration with retail partners offers another avenue for reward accrual.

Important Notes:

  • Like most platforms, your points collection is contingent upon successfully qualifying for surveys.
  • A minimum balance of $5 is requisite before starting your withdrawal requests.
  • Transferring rewards directly to your bank account isn’t feasible; instead, you must use PayPal or Venmo to deposit your Qmee earnings.

My total earnings here are $35 since April 2023, and here’s the link for you to sign up and start having fun at Qmee.

Surveys On The Go

Finally, Surveys On the Go is another survey app I have been using since this year. One of this survey’s main attractions is its high payouts. However, if you qualify, you will need up to 25 minutes to complete these surveys.


  • Lucrative high-paying surveys

Key Points to Remember:

  • You need a minimum balance of $10 before initiating withdrawal requests.
  • The Surveys app is exclusively accessible through mobile phones.
  • Like Qmee, direct cash transfers to your bank account are not supported.

My total payout from this app is $22 since April 2023, since I prefer taking short surveys from Eureka Surveys and Qmee.

Based on my experience, maintaining consistency across these survey apps will yield benefits over time, as they regularly provide you with a roster of new surveys to explore daily. Select the ones that align with your preferences and relish these modest yet satisfying rewards.

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