Lost in Taipei: Chapter 12

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lost in taipei chapter 12

Ventured Beyond Comfort Zone

After breakfast, the sun climbed higher in the sky, casting a scorching heat over the bustling city of Taipei. The humidity was palpable, making the air heavy and sticky. As Charlie walked alongside Peng, he couldn’t help but sense the lingering tension in Peng’s demeanor. It was clear that Peng was still bothered by the encounter with Ling.

Not wanting to intrude on Peng’s feelings or add to the drama, Charlie decided to give him space to process everything.

“Hey, Peng,” he said gently, “Thank you for showing me around the neighborhood and introducing me to this tasty restaurant. I think I’ll head home now since it’s getting hot and humid.”

Peng glanced at Charlie, torn between not wanting their time together to end and understanding that the encounter with Ling had added an unexpected layer of complexity to this “date.” He sensed Charlie might feel uneasy about what happened earlier.

“Sure, Charlie. Go home and relax. We’ll talk again soon,” Peng said goodbye with a hint of reluctance, but recognizing that it was best to part ways for now after the breakfast incident.

With a sense of relief, Charlie nodded appreciatively at Peng’s understanding. “Thanks, Peng. I’ll call you later,” he replied.

Charlie decided to retreat to his apartment, seeking a quiet space to catch his breath. The day’s scorching heat had given way to a slightly more relaxed evening, and as Charlie sat by the window, he let his thoughts drift.

He peeked out at the cityscape, the lights of Taipei starting to twinkle like stars against the darkening sky. In the moment’s tranquility, memories of his time in New York City came flooding back. The towering New York mid-town skyscrapers, the bustling West Village streets, and the vibrant downtown energy felt like a distant echo now. Charlie couldn’t deny that some of him missed the familiarity of his old life, even though he had chosen to embark on this adventure in Taipei.

The clash between Peng and Ling had left Charlie emotionally exhausted. Charlie had become cautious around men, a defense mechanism forged by the scars of his past relationship. While Charlie admired Peng’s self-confidence, it also amplified his insecurity about himself, leaving Charlie uncertain about Peng’s intends.

And then there was Ming – kind, empathetic, and seemingly understanding of Charlie’s more introverted nature. Ming’s calming presence had been a source of comfort for Charlie since his arrival in Taipei’s office. 

Charlie mused over Ming and Peng – two individuals embodying contrasting personalities and life outlooks. The idea of unexpectedly encountering them in Taipei surprised Charlie, yet he couldn’t shake off this nagging feeling, pondering the potential for a deeper connection with one of them. 

However, Charlie swiftly dispelled this thought. He reiterated his obligation to fulfill during this trip and the eventual return to New York City. Entertaining the idea of a relationship in this place seemed beyond his reach.

Lost in thought, Charlie’s phone suddenly buzzed, breaking him out of his reverie. It was Xing calling, and Charlie answered with a slight sense of trepidation.  

“Hey, Charlie! How’s everything going?” Xing’s voice was upbeat, and Charlie couldn’t help but smile. Xing had a way of bringing a ray of sunshine to any situation.

Charlie leaned back against the window, taking a deep breath. “Hey, Xing. I’m doing alright, just taking it easy at the moment.” 

Xing giggled. “Good to hear. Listen, we’re planning to head out tonight, and I wanted to see if you’re up for it. Ming and I are going to this retro bar by Ximending. It should be a blast. Are you in?”

The idea of spending time with his new friends in a foreign atmosphere sounded strangely appealing, and it seemed like a good way to take his mind off what happened this morning. “Yeah, Xing, that sounds like a great idea. Count me in.”

“Awesome! We’ll pick you up in a bit, alright? Get ready to have some fun,” Xing replied enthusiastically.

Ending the call, Charlie couldn’t help but shake his head and let out a big breath, a flicker of surprise dancing across his thoughts. It was unlike him to venture beyond his comfort zone, yet here he was, taking a leap into the unknown. 

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