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Whoever said that remote work equates to leisurely lounging in pajamas and cuddling with pets might have overlooked the intricacies that come with the territory. While enjoying quality time with our furry companions is a perk, remote work has blossomed far beyond this picturesque scene. 

Obviously, the remote work revolution isn’t fading away any time soon. A recent survey, courtesy of Forbes Advisor, revealed that 12.7% of professionals have embraced remote work culture full-time, while 28.2% are heading into a hybrid work environment. This trend is on the express track to growth, conducting a new working experience.

The flexibility of remote work is an attractive incentive for many employees. Who doesn’t like the freedom to create your schedule and decide when your workday starts and ends.

However, because of this flexibility, the common myth about remote work is that employees who work from home won’t be as productive. I beg to differ as a digital marketing professional and have been fortunate to work remotely since the pandemic. From the moment I rise, I’m engaged in a whirlwind of calls, projects, and tasks that propel me forward until the closing hours of the workday.


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With the benefits of remote work, there also come some disadvantages. From the feeling of isolation to necessary distractions, navigating the landscape of modern remote work demands the right blend of approaches to balance our work commitments with our personal well-being.

I might not be the speaking person for remote work culture, but I have managed to create a loose routine that works for me to make this work-life balance for the past few years. If you don’t mind me indulging you, this is a day in a life of a remote professional.

My Remote Work Daily Routine

7:00 AM: I slowly rise and kickstart my day with a steaming cup of coffee.

7:30 AM: Armed with caffeine, I dive into industry articles online. Think of it as my morning paper, but digital. 

8:00 AM: Second coffee in hand, I check my work schedule and tackle work emails and messages like a caffeinated superhero.

8:30 AM: Shower time, transforming me from sleepy to presentable for scheduled calls and meetings.

9:00 AM: I sneak in a quick breathing exercise and meditation to prepare for the workday ahead.

9:15 AM: Mornings are my creative playground. I write and design better in the morning, making the most of the early hours.

10:00 AM: When my mornings are meeting-free, I like to hop onto Clubhouse for enlightening social media discussions hosted by the insightful Social With Rocki. Rocki delves into everything from social media strategies to content creation. Please check out her content for more information. 

11:30 AM: It’s lunchtime! While I usually whip up something at home, occasionally, I treat myself to a local meal and enjoy a pleasant stroll to pick it up.

12:00 PM: Working from home has its perks, and one of them is taking a well-deserved break at noon. I make a conscious effort to enjoy this time and recharge.

Given the positive impact of physical activity on brain health, I make it a habit to take short breaks and move around the house every hour to alleviate work-related stress.

Occasionally, I use this time to perform simple tasks like vacuuming the floor or dusting the furniture, allowing me to stay active and accomplish chores simultaneously.

1:00 PM: The afternoon brings more work-related calls and meetings, keeping me in the productive groove.

2:00 PM: I set 2:00 PM as my caffeine curfew, marking the end of my coffee conquest for the day. Occasionally, I’ll treat myself to a final Starbucks brew and take a leisurely stroll, reenergizing before the end of a workday.

3:00 – 5:00 PM: At this hour, I’m either playing catch-up with my correspondence or putting the finishing touches on a monthly report. It’s the time to tackle tasks that demand less creative thinking as I prepare to wrap up my workday.

But I am Not Done Yet!

Once my work is complete, I allocate time to review my to-do list for my side hustle or to tend to my blog.

Regarding my blog, I’ll either explore fresh ideas for my next article or delve back into crafting my fiction tale, “Lost in Taipei,” reigniting my creative spark before I start preparing dinner around 6:30 PM.

At around 10:30 PM, I like to unwind by watching entertaining YouTube videos. It’s a fantastic way for me to relax and draw inspiration from the creative content creators who offer entertainment and valuable information on the platform.

Final Thoughts

In remote work, a structured daily routine is your best ally, from my experience. Each moment contributes to your productivity, from morning coffee to creative bursts and midday breaks.

Remember, your routine should be adaptable, balancing discipline and flexibility. Whether it’s reading articles, enjoying a final coffee stroll, or igniting creativity, embrace your daily rituals. They can lead you to tremendous success and satisfaction in your remote work journey.

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