Lost in Taipei: Chapter 16

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lost in taipei chapter 16 dance the night

Dance the Night

With unwavering focus, Charlie attentively absorbed every word as Xing started to recall a meticulous recollection of the events from the previous night. Every detail, from the energetic performances of the drag artists, the interactions with bar patrons, and Charlie’s reactions to Ming and Peng.

It all started at Café Dalida, a prominent LGBTQ+ bar and cafe in the heart of Ximending, not too far from the previous bar where the trio had their first round of drinks, a haven where drag artists delighted guests with their electrifying nightly performances. 

With more drinks in hand, the guys’ anticipation grew as they eagerly awaited the upcoming drag show. By this point, excitement filled Charlie, and he fully immersed himself in this joyous atmosphere. 

As the lights dimmed and the music started, the drag show got under way, capturing Charlie’s attention, as he found himself charmed by the artistry of the drag performers and joined in their singing and danced with unabashed enthusiasm.

Amidst the lively performance, a drag performer named Queen had an impromptu idea of involving audience participation. In his typical Xing style, he pointed at Charlie and gestured for Queen to include him in her act. Charlie, oblivious to the unfolding plan, became the center of attention when Queen gracefully invited him to join her performance.

“Hello darling, what’s your name?” Queen playfully winked at Charlie, her charm electrifying the audience with elation. Already buzzed by his third drink, Charlie responded without hesitation in his rusty Mandarin, “Hi, I’m Charlie. Charlie from New York City.” 

Ming and Xing burst into laughter, pleasantly surprised by this unreserved side of Charlie, who had shed his inhibitions and started to cut loose.

Queen seized the moment with theatrical flair, directing the spotlight onto Charlie, “Ladies and gents, let’s hear it for the incredible Charlie from New York City! Give him a roaring round of applause, shall we?” The crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers and clapping, the energy building around Charlie in a whirlwind of excitement.

Queen, with her charisma unbound, signaled Charlie to join her in a dance that perfectly matched the beats of Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night.”

“Now, Charlie from New York City, I’m counting on you to deliver a performance that’ll give us life. My dear American friend, I know you’ve got the moves to dazzle us.”

Anticipations were high for something flirtatious and fun, but Charlie, a tad more tipsy than he’d realized, started doing robot dance moves on the stage.

He’d lift one arm into a position, paused, then mimicked the motion with the other arm, all while giving his body a wobbly shake after each step, imitating a clunky machine. For the final touch, Charlie pivoted his feet in one direction while motioning slowly like a robot.

The audience exploded into laughter and applause; even Queen couldn’t suppress her giggles. Charlie’s unexpected dance routine became a hit, leaving everyone, especially Ming, doubled over in stitches.

Ming genuinely admired Charlie’s boldness for going on stage to have fun, even though Charlie was a bit drunk and ended up making people laugh.

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