Lost in Taipei: Chapter 17

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lost in taipei chapter 17

Heartfelt Tipsy Talk  

After Charlie’s lively performance, he slowly walked back to his table, catching his breath. He settled next to Ming, who propped against the table with a laugh.

Ming’s eyes alternating between the bustling crowd and Charlie. “Well, Charlie,” Ming began, “I must admit your dance moves were rather… surprising. You certainly know how to grab everyone’s attention.”

Charlie grinned, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Yeah, I don’t know what came over me. Guess I got caught up in the excitement.”

Ming sipped his drink, his eyes still fixed on Charlie. “Well, you definitely brought some unique entertainment to the night. I don’t think anyone will forget your robot dance anytime soon.”

Charlie laughed, feeling affinity in Ming’s playful banter. “Hey, I believe in making lasting memories, especially in a foreign city.”

Ming’s smile softened, his tone becoming a touch more serious. “It’s good to see you having fun. Life can be pretty overwhelming, and some silliness can go a long way.”

Charlie nodded, sensing there was more to Ming’s words. “I understand. Taipei has been quite a whirlwind for me.”

Ming locked eyes with Charlie, his expression reflective. “I can tell you’re facing a lot at the moment, but just remember, as I have told you before, don’t forget to enjoy the moments that bring you joy.”

Charlie found himself fascinated by Ming’s sincerity. “You sounded like you have some experience in finding those moments.”

Ming shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Life’s too short not to enjoy it.”

Drunk, Charlie decided to move a bit closer to Ming, his voice lower, “So, Ming, what’s your story? I don’t think I know anything about you.”

Ming’s lips curved into a half-smile, his eyes holding Charlie’s gaze. “Oh, Charlie, there’s always more beneath the surface than meets the eye. But I’m more interested in hearing more about your story. A guy from New York City, in Taipei. There must be some fascinating tales.”

Charlie giggled and felt bold with Ming. “Maybe there are. But hey, I’m all ears if you’re ever up for a chat.”

Ming’s stare lingered on Charlie, the air between them felt charged. Ming’s expression radiated affection. “I might just take you up on that, Charlie,” he said softly, and for a moment, it seemed as if they might lean in for a kiss.

Out of the blue, a round of shots appeared on the table, prompting Charlie’s eyes to widen in surprise. “Did someone just order a round of shots for us?” he mused aloud, a mix of inquisitiveness and amusement. 

Xing, momentarily diverted from his conversation with other café patrons, appeared equally taken aback by the sudden appearance of the shots. His brow furrowed as he shifted his attention to the table, an intrigued smile on his lips. 

“Hmm, it seems someone in this establishment is feeling rather generous tonight,” he observed, a playful glint dancing in his eyes. “I can’t help but wonder who our mysterious patron might be.”

Suddenly, Peng appeared at the table, his face lit up with his signature seductive smile. “Hello there,” he greeted everyone at the table with excitement. “I hope you enjoy the shots.”

Evidently, Peng was the mastermind behind the surprise rounds of drinks.

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