Lost in Taipei: Chapter 22

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lost in taipei chapter 22 at a crossroads

At a Crossroads

From the 45th floor of the Breeze Tower, Morton Sky Bar offered a breathtaking view of Taipei 101, the iconic structure that pierced the city’s skyline like a towering beacon. The night lights of Taipei cast a mesmerizing glow over the sprawling urban landscape, painting the city in shades of warm red and orange. 

Peng sat at the elegant bar, a cocktail in hand, his eyes fixed on the majestic Taipei 101. The atmosphere in the bar was as enchanting as the view, with soft jazz music playing in the background and the buzz of conversations from the well-dressed patrons filling the air. It was a scene of luxury and sophistication, but Peng was there alone.

He swirled the drink in his glass, the ice cubes clinking softly, as he looked at the view and the thoughts wandering in his mind. For years, Peng had lived a carefree life of glamour and excitement, his career as a successful model taking him to exotic locations and introducing him to countless admirers.

Peng knew that his dating history comprised a string of casual encounters, each more thrilling than the last, but none had ever led to a meaningful connection. He did not want to commit to a single person; Peng thrived on pursuing his next conquest.

However, since meeting Charlie, something had shifted within him. Their connection had been different, genuine, and simple than anything Peng had experienced. Charlie had brought a sense of realness and vulnerability into his life that was refreshing and terrifying.

As he looked out at the picturesque Taipei skyline, Peng couldn’t help but wonder about this question: Did he want to continue with fleeting affairs and momentary conquests, or was it time to explore the possibility of a meaningful relationship, focusing on just one person?

While Peng deeply contemplated his thoughts, a fashionable dressed stranger approached him. The man radiated an aura of confidence, with a gleam of fascination in his eyes as he addressed Peng.

“Hey there,” the stranger began, a flirtatious smile on his lips. “I don’t want to sound forward, but I couldn’t help noticing you from across the bar. You must be Peng, the model, right?”

Peng, somewhat accustomed to such attention, nodded politely, “Yes, that’s me.”

The stranger walked in a bit closer, his voice taking on a sultry tone, “I have to say, I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time. You’re even more striking in person.”

While Peng would typically engage in such flirtatious banter, tonight was different. Thoughts of Charlie and the newfound emotions he was grappling with had left him in a contemplative mood. He gave the stranger a polite but distant smile, not showing the usual interest that had often accompanied such encounters in his past.

“Thank you for the kind words,” Peng replied, his tone lacking the usual enthusiasm. “I’m just here for a quiet evening.”

The stranger, undeterred, continued his advances. “Well, Peng, if you ever change your mind, I want to get to know you better over drinks.”

Peng rose from the bar, simply nodded, and departed without glancing back, leaving the stranger to himself.

As he distanced himself from the persistent admirer, Peng couldn’t help but reflect on whether this was a sign of the changes in his life. The excitement of casual fun seemed to pale compared to the complexities of the newfound emotions he was experiencing with Charlie. 

With these thoughts dancing in his mind, Peng texted Charlie. He wanted to take a chance to get to know Charlie better and was ready to dive deeper into the uncharted territory of their connection.

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