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1000 Years Old Egg: Sense of Taste/Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

1000 Years Old Egg
1000 Years Old Egg

The name of this dish may not sound appetizing for many people, or the coloration on this seasoned egg may look odd to others, but the taste of this Chinese delicacy was divine when it is consumed with congee as part of a meal.

This egg smells salty and its mild taste is blended evenly in both the york and white to eat.  Many people may not find this dish appealing, but for many Asians, it is a traditional delicacy and a “must have” for any meals.  I know that I enjoyed it thoroughly when I visited Beijing recently.  It was a sweet treat.

it’s Margarita weather!

How can’t you not love this delicious recipe? Thank you Lula for sharing this wonderful treat!

Lula Harp

The last few summers here in Oregon have been woefully inadequate.  I’m from a sun loving state, so I need a couple good months of sun to replenish my vitamin D.  This summer has been exactly what I needed!  We’ve had a marathon run of cool mornings that turn into gloriously hot afternoons.  I’ve been in heaven.

Oregon is a state controlled liquor state, which means you cannot buy booze at the grocery store.  The tasting room at the distillery is technically a tiny liquor store.  We can only sells the products we make.  Since we are not a bar, we can serve “mini” cocktails that have no more than 1/2 ounce of spirit in up to 2 ounces of mixer.  The OLCC has us on a pretty short, but manageable leash.

What says summer better than a Margarita?!  We don’t make a tequilla, but one thing I love in…

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This Shot was Delicious and Dangerous

Shots! Shots! Shots!
Shots! Shots! Shots!

Everything in Las Vegas from hotels, restaurants, casinos, and bars is overly exaggerated with size and proportions.

This delicious shot (created from pineapple juice, vodka, Red Bull and some other yummy ingredients) came in a “regular” drinking glass size.  As you can imagine, it was more like sipping a drink than doing a shot with this creation.  After three of them, I was in heaven …


Sharknado from Pocket Bar, NYC
Sharknado from Pocket Bar, NYC

Sharknado is my favorite summer drink from Pocket Bar, a fun and cozy neighborhood bar around Hell’s Kitchen.

Suzy, the fabulous owner at Pocket Bar, created this signature drink with a twist (Sangria with Shark!!)  Besides this delicious drink, Pocket Bar also curates a selection of wines and beers.

If you are in the neighborhood, please check out this hidden gem.  It is worth your trip!!

Sipping Emotion

This delicious drink is a signature cocktail from Obao, one of my favorite restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.


Obao infuses its own vodka and using it as one of the key ingredients to create this drink.  On a warm summer day, this slightly sweet drink with a twist will definitely chill and calm you down.

If you ever visit Obao, please give Sipping Emotion a try, and let me know what you think.

Cheerios, my friends.