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Most Stylish Person According to Moi

Most Stylish San Franciscan According to Moi, Part Trois

Since it is #TBT, I want to re-blog this post from four years ago and introducing you one of my good friends, Gordan, from my monthly segment, The Most Stylish San Franciscan.


Besides having a distinguished personal style, Gordan is also an amazing cook who has a blog, I’m Not A Cook, sharing his delicious recipes from fried chicken wings to simple hard boiled eggs dish (yes, I followed this particular recipe since boiling hot water was one of my cooking specialties).

I sat down with Mr. G recently and chatted topics ranged from his signature look, fashion faux pas to his own philosophy about styling.


Describe your personal style:  I suppose you could call me a Modern Minimalist;  generally understated, sometimes preppy, occasionally retro, and at times off-beat.  But always clean and conscious.

Fashion icons:  I admire the styling of Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Bjork.

Fashion piece/item that you can’t live without:  A good wallet, My choice is the Comme des Garcons half – zip Classic Embossed B.

Fashion dos:  Wearing the correct size, being age appropriate, ironing out wrinkles and taking well executed risks.

Fashion dont’s:  poor hygiene, bad shoes.

Your biggest fashion faux pas:  I’ve donned a few outlandish things (bright green overalls, a giant tartan sweater …) but have no regrets; I made the conscious decision to wear them.

Your five must haves:

1.  A clean supply of white v-neck undershirts

2.  Cashmere (sweaters and scarves)

3.  A nice jacket

4.  A good pair of leather shoes

5.  Jeans (simple finish and with a flattering fit)

Beauty product(s) that you can’t live without:  Daily moisturizer with SPF, face wash, tooth brush/tooth paste/floss, a nail clipper, Chapstick and Hair pomade

Your signature look:  I guess it would be a white v-neck tee shirt, tucked, belted, and with the sleeves rolled up.  I wear that the most.

Final thoughts:  To be trendy and fashionable is to be popular.  To be stylish, to be unique, is to be different.  Sometimes that means being alone.

Most Stylish San Franciscan II .. According to Moi

When I lived in San Francisco, every month I featured a most stylish San Franciscan from the industry and we chatted about trends, beauty, life style, and fun stuff about San Francisco.


Rudy has been a long time great friend of mine and works at an established luxury department store in the city.  Here is our shenanigans about style icons, fashion dos and don’ts and more:


Describe your style:  Dandy and eclectic


Fashion icons:  Jackie O, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Gloria Guinness

A fashion piece/item that you can’t live with out:  My Hermes scarf

Fashion dos:  Do put effort into what you wear everyday and own it

Fashion don’ts:  Don’t think wearing less clothing makes you look sexier

Your biggest fashion faux pus:  A green pleather safari style jacket with a belt

Your must-haves:  A good fitted dark denim jean, one gray blazer, cashmere sweater, a good pair of RayBan sunglasses

Your signature look:  Vintage leather loafers

Beauty products that you can’t live without:  Kiehls daily facial wash and honey almond scrub, La Mier moisturizer cream and Jo Malone fragrance

Keep it or Lose it:

Pleated pant – lose it

Aviator sunglasses – keep it

Flip Flops – lose it

Speedo trunks – keep it

Thong – lose it

Crocs – lose it


Most Stylish San Franciscan … According to Moi

I have known Maggie for many years and always admire her sense of style.  She is a busy working mother who always looked effortlessly when she is at work or hanging out with her adorable and equally fashionable daughter, Mia.  Maggie was able to give me some time from her busy schedule and talked about beauty, fashion and being a “Mommy with Style”, and you can follow Maggie and check out her impeccable style here.


Here is our conversation:

Describe your style:  I don’t have a specific style…. I’m like a chameleon. I can go from homeless chic to a fabulous Asian girl in sixty seconds!

Fashion icons:  Coco Chanel, Miuccia Prada, Rachel Zoe, Tom Ford and believe it or not…the Olsen twins

Fashion piece/item that you can’t live without:  My green croc Hermes Collier de Chien cuff.

Fashion dos:  Wear clothes that works for you… Don’t get too caught up with the trends.  And always dress age appropriately.

Fashion don’ts:  That nasty clacking sound from worn down heels… replace it or just throw it away.

Your biggest fashion faux pus:  My Uggs…it’s like wearing a sleeping bag on your feet!!!


Your five essential must haves: Chanel jacket, wide leg pant, great dark slim jean, statement necklace, amazing luggage…aka…handbag.

Beauty products that you can’t live with out:  La Mer eye balm and moisturizing cream, Mac cover up, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel eye de puffer, Comptoir Sud Pacific cristal de musc.

Your signature look: Eyelashes, headband, and my Tom Ford sunglasses.


Keep it or Lose it:

1.  Woman’s thong – keep it

2.  Man’s thong – lose it

3.  Legging jeans – lose it

4.  Crocs – lost it, unless you are a kid

5.  Teva sandals – lose it

6.  Sexy lingerie – lose it, put the money towards to a handbag

7.  Jock strap – keep it, don’t you need it if you play sports?

8.  Tube socks – lose it

9.  Scrunchies – lose it, unless you use it to wash your face

10.  Chia pet – keep it, it’s not hurting anyone?

11.  Dieting – keep it, designer clothe runs small

12.  Custom jewelry – keep it, Dahling

13.  80’s fashion – keep it, it all comes back around

14.  Blond hair streaks – lose it

Thank you Maggie H for the chat.